Cold Rolled Steel: What it is Used For

Uses for Cold Rolled Steel

When it comes to appearance cold rolled steel has a cleaner surface finish than hot rolled. However, it is also much more basic and is often painted to enhance the overall look.

cold rolled steel filing cabinet

Orderly #3 by DijutalTim 12/20/2011 via Flickr

Metal Furniture

Cold rolled can be used for many applications. One of the most common is metal furniture, typically office use. You see that filing cabinet to your right? Unless you work in some fancy, hoity-toity office and have mahogany cabinets and desks, your filing cabinet is probably part (if not all) metal. Not only that, but it’s probably cold rolled. Looking at mine now, I think the metal is very functional. I have decorated my desk with pictures hung up by colorful magnets. You couldn’t do that with fine mahogany furnishings, now could you?

Exhaust Pipes

motorcycles, steel exhaust pipes

South Cerney Steam Rally 2014 by Barry Skeates 08/01/2014 via Flickr

OK, you don’t work at a desk job. Maybe you spend your time cruising the open highways on your motorcycle. There is a possibility that the exhaust pipe is made from cold-rolled steel (it could also be aluminum or stainless). So, the next time you want to feel the wind in your hair on the open road and your exhaust sounds think to yourself, man that cold roll sounds good. I know I will.


metal lockers

School Lockers Yellow Hallway by Steven Depolo 11/10/11 via Flickr


It’s back to school time and that means your student (or yourself if you are a high school student) will be placing their books and backpack in a locker. Remembering the combination isn’t the only thing they will think about while opening said locker. Students will examine the door and the interior and realize it is made of cold rolled steel painted in their school colors.

Who am I kidding? The only thing I worried about in high school was if my jeans fit right and whether I was going to prom or not. But you learn something new every day and I bet you had no idea lockers were made of cold rolled steel.

Cold rolled is also use for many other applications. Many lighting fixtures have cold rolled frames. Refrigerators and other household appliances consist of cold rolled components. Metal containers and barrels are typically constructed of cold rolled sheet. It is also used for construction related products, architectural components, lawn mowers, shelving, etc.

Beyond Metal: What it Means to Us

Beyond Metal Part 1

Beyond Metal Quality Meeting with CustomerYou might see us using this tag line from time to time, but do you know what it really means? At Metalwest our product focus is flat roll, but our true focus is our customers.

To us, Beyond Metal means going the extra mile to ensure our customers succeed. We don’t just provide you with metal, we provide you with solutions to help your company thrive. With programs like inventory replenishment systems, supply chain management, and our on-time delivery promise, we are here to serve you.

To get an accurate picture of what our employees think Beyond Metal means, I posed the question and received amazing responses.

The responses:

“When we first looked at creating it, the idea was that it was the representation of what really established us as a company. It’s the other things we do besides metal; the services that go Beyond Metal,” outside sales representative for Utah and co-creator of the tagline, Rick Williams, expressed. “It’s more than buying and selling sheet metal. It’s the services; the other things that help our customers.”

“Our organization provides metal, but also strives to exceed our customers’ expectations for the highest quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery,” said Beth Hackenberg, executive assistant. “Beyond metal are the initiatives working with our customers to contribute to their success and our people that take pride in their work. They go above and beyond to contribute to our customers’ successes.”

“Although we are a metals service center, we provide more than a commodity product,” Jeff Katz, sales manager for the northeast, stated. “It’s our personal service, the mutually beneficial partnerships that we build with customers, our quality, reliability, financial strength, and technical expertise that set us apart from being only a supplier of metal.”

“To me it means doing what our customers want done,” shared John Chojnowski, outside sales representative for the Ogden branch. “It’s looking for ways to provide value to every customer. It’s about providing our customers with peace of mind. It’s Metalwest having inventory on the floor when the customer needs it. And it’s educating the customers of the market and how things are changing so they can make educated decisions about their business.”

Skip-Beyond Metal Buzz mascotAll of these statements have one important thing in common, our customers. Our employees understand that at Metalwest we are about our customers. We process and distribute metal, but that means nothing if we don’t focus on our customers.

To see other ways in which we go Beyond Metal visit our value-added services page.