Electro-Galvanized Steel: How it is Made

Recently we discussed how galvanized steel is made. It is a very interesting process, at least I think so.

electro-galvanized steel coilHow Electro-Galvanized Steel is Made

Today, however, we are going to take a look at a different process application of zinc, electro-galvanization. In the galvanizing process the finish is obtained through a hot-dip or continuous galvanization process. Electro-Galvanized is made through an electrochemical process.

Electrochemical Process

The electrochemical process involves the steel being immersed in a cold zinc bath while an electrical current is run through it. This is also known as electroplating.

electro-galvanized, electrolythic bathThe zinc acts as an anode to protect the steel. An anode is the positively charged electrode (electrical current) that attracts electrons and anions (a negatively charged ion). The steel is preserved from corrosion by cathodes. Cathodes are the negatively charged electrodes that attract cations (positively charged ions).

Conversion coatings are then applied to the metal to enhance the corrosion protection even more. This builds up an additional layer of zinc and chromium hydroxides resulting in a blue tinted finish to the material.

Now that we have had our chemistry lesson for the day, let’s discuss the benefits of electro-galvanized steel.

Benefits of Electro-Galvanization

The electrochemical process allows for a thinner zinc deposit layer so the steel has a higher corrosion resistance and higher performance.

The finish of electro-galvanized is readily paintable. This is an important quality to industries creating products such as trailers, appliances, and agriculture equipment.

Contact your local sales representative to learn more about the quality of our electro-galvanized steel. And stay tuned to learn a little bit more about what electro-galvanized steel is used for.

Aluminum: What it is Used For

Uses for Aluminum

Aluminum is used for many applications. In this post we will discuss some of the more common industries we supply to; the first of which is the truck and trailer industry.

Aluminum Horse TrailersTruck and Trailer

The truck and trailer industry widely uses aluminum for the construction of trailer bodies. Livestock/horse trailers, sport trailers, and cargo trailers are all typically constructed from aluminum 5052 because of its strength and corrosion resistance. This is an important characteristic for a trailer that might be stuck in the elements.

If you don’t own a horse or motorcycle and don’t have the need to haul anything, well, maybe you need a trailer to hit the great outdoors. Many pull travel trailers are also constructed with an aluminum frame-typically painted aluminum.

commercial lighting, aluminumCommercial Lighting

OK so you don’t like the great outdoors, don’t own a horse or motorcycle, and don’t have the need to haul anything. Well, aluminum is also used in commercial lighting so you can comfortably stay indoors.

Lighting is used just about everywhere you go. It is an important aspect to our everyday lives. But I bet you didn’t know that the frames holding the lights are largely constructed of aluminum (sometimes carbon steel). This is especially true if the lighting is found in a commercial building.

Outdoor Furniture

Now, take a step outside. Although they may be covered up depending on your weather situation, your patio furniture and the outdoor tables at a restaurant are most like made of an aluminum frame. Because aluminum provides excellent corrosion resistance it is ideal for outdoor furniture.

Other uses for aluminum include: heat exchangers, roofing and siding, door hardware, window frames, storage tanks, mailboxes, etc.