Electro-Galvanized Steel: What it is Used For

What Electro-Galvanized is Used For

Electro-galvanized steel is obtained through an electrochemical process that involves the steel being submerged in a zinc bath. The end product is corrosion resistant, has excellent formability, paintability, and weldability, and is strong and durable. These features make electro-galvanized a high-quality product. But, what is it used for?

Cars, electro-galvanized automotive

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Due to the strength, corrosion resistance, and paintability, electro-galvanized steel is widely used in the automotive industry. You can find it in car doors, fenders, hoods, and even audio systems and gas tanks depending on the manufacturer.

Agricultural Equipment

The strength also makes electro-galvanized steel ideal for agricultural equipment and products. It is used in the hardware for livestock fencing as well as in the heavy machinery on farms. The metal has to be strong to hold livestock or plow through fields.

electro-galvanized appliances

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Appliances and Electrical Equipment

But let’s talk about an application where the average person may see this material. Chances are you also have something containing electro-galvanized metal in your home. Appliances and electrical equipment typically include stamped electro-galvanized parts. This might include your washer and dryer, your refrigerator, electrical boxes, DVD/Blu-ray players, and enclosures. The material is easily welded and formed, making it ideal for household appliances and electrical equipment.