Winter Uses for Steel

With colder weather beginning to sweep across the country, winter sports and activities are starting to make their appearance. Activities like sledding and ice skating are some of the common winter past times.

But did you know, many of your favorite cold weather activities include steel? Let’s take a look at some of the winter uses for steel.

Hockey and ice skating

While hockey and ice skating are different sports, both take place on an ice rink. They also both take place on skates.

The design of the ice skates depends on their purpose. Figure skates, hockey skates, and speed skates are some of the more common types of ice skates in the U.S. One thing these skates all have in common is their steel blade. The steel used for the specific skate can range from aluminum, to stainless steel, and even chrome-plated carbon steel.

You can also expect to find steel used in other hockey equipment including: goalie masks, hockey sticks, and goals.


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Sledding is also a common place to find steel. Your traditional sled typically has steel skis that navigate the snow. But traditional sleds aren’t the only sled to contain steel.

Luge sleds use steel on the sled runners, more commonly (and appropriately) called steels. This is the only part of the sled that contacts the ice and helps to control the speed and accuracy of the sled.

Skeleton sleds also have metal construction. In 2010, the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) restricted the materials in which a skeleton sled could be made. The sled frames are now strictly made using a steel design.

Snow Removal

Although it may not be a favorite part of winter, another place you can find steel during the snowy months is on your snow shovel. While many snow shovels are made using plastic and wood, some are constructed with aluminum. Steel snow shovels are more durable and are able to get closer to the surface to pick up snow and ice more efficiently.

If you have a longer driveway it is likely you are using a snow blower instead of a shovel to remove snow build-up. Snow blowers are also constructed using steel.