Aluminum Trailers

It’s officially summer and that means camping, fairs, rodeos, and farmer’s markets. But, what do all of these activities have in common? Trailers. And not just trailers, but aluminum trailers.

There are a few different types of aluminum trailers: travel trailers, toy haulers, horse/livestock trailers, cargo trailers, and food/concession truck trailers.

aluminum travel trailerTravel Trailers

Hitting the open road or escaping to the mountains any time soon? Many RVs, campers, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and pop-up trailers have some sort of aluminum used in the body. Whether it is a frame made from extrusions and beams or the exterior shell made of sheet, aluminum is a light-weight material that makes it easier to haul behind a vehicle.

Toy Haulers

Heading up to a race track or hauling your four wheeler up to the mountains this weekend? A toy hauler makes it easy. Many toy haulers feature an all-aluminum frame as well as an aluminum sheet constructed roof and sides.

Aluminum Horse TrailersHorse/Livestock Trailers

Do you plan on attending any rodeos this summer? Chances are pretty high that the animals were hauled in an all-aluminum constructed horse/livestock trailer. An all-aluminum construction gives the trailer durability and keeps them lightweight. Both are positive attributes when dealing with larger animals.

Cargo Trailers

Fairs, carnivals, and city celebrations tend to have their fair share of pop-up stages, rides, and games. While you are busy checking out all these attractions, take a look around. You are bound to also find an abundance of cargo and utility trailers. Cargo trailers are largely constructed of aluminum because it is lightweight and durable. Cargo trailers can also be used for many different jobs.

aluminum food truck

Photo Credit: John Bule, “Bite into Maine food truck” 2014

Food/Concession Truck Trailers

Many events you will attend this summer are bound to have a food truck or concession truck. It is also possible the truck is constructed of aluminum. Because many food truck/concession stand owners want to be able to be on the go and travel wherever they please, they look for low-cost and durability. This makes aluminum the perfect material to use for these types of trucks.

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