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5S System: What is it and what does it mean?

The 5S System is a technique used in Lean Manufacturing to achieve a safe, neat, clean arrangement of the workplace. Everything has a place and is in its place. Where problems in the workplace become obvious and visual.

What exactly are the 5S’s in the 5S System and what do they mean? Let’s find out!


Only the things needed by each area are present in that area. All other “stuff ” is removed.

This is by far my favorite activity. Removing unneeded items is very satisfying. You can see a work area and team transform during this process. It opens up the space and takes all the stress and clutter away with it. As you put away your holiday decorations and get ready to start off the New Year, think about how many items you have lying around the house that can be sorted out. I typically ask myself, “Do I need this? Does it serve a purpose?” And if the answer is no, it goes into a Goodwill pile. Getting into this habit has helped my keep my house “guest ready” with 1 husband, 3 kids, and a dog.


“We shine to inspect, inspect to detect, detect to correct and correct to perfect.” Yes that’s a mouthful but we SHINE to easily identify issues. Being able to easily recognize a leak can be critical to our machines and can determine a quick fix vs. total shutdown.

My husband keeps our garage floor at home in pristine condition to be able to easily identify when our cars have a leak. This habit recently saved us from a major issue when my car was leaking the smallest amount of antifreeze. Needless to say, I would have not seen the issue if the floor was not clean.

Set in Order

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” Making our workplace visual. Knowing where tools go, having tools stored where you need them, and visually being able to know when tools go missing. The goal of this at Metalwest is to save our employees time and motion looking for the tools they need to do their jobs.

Most households have “Set in Order” tools already in place at home. For example do you have a utensil organizer, shoe mat, coat rack, toy boxes, or how about a specific place to put your remotes? These are great ways to keep your house Set in Order. How many tools do you have in place in your home to help keep it “Set in Order?” If you want to take your home to the next level pull out a label maker and go to town!


Having everything in a state of readiness! To Standardize is a “condition” not an activity. The goal with standardization is making sure anybody who walks into the area can understand how the system works and can keep the area in 5S shape. Also scheduling time to conduct daily housekeeping tasks such as emptying trash bins, sorting out what doesn’t belong, and returning tools to their position; weekly tasks such as sweeping and wiping down the machine; and monthly tasks to achieve a deeper clean as part of our Preventive Maintenance program.

At home before bed, I typically do one last round of tidying up to get everything back to a Standard State. A Standard State for us means that all walkways are clear, kitchen is swept, trash cans are empty, and most importantly, backpacks, clothes, and lunch boxes are laid out and ready to start the next day as smooth as possible.


This step is management driven. We schedule times for a manager/supervisor to provide feedback through an observation. “What management inspects, employees respect.”

In our household this is “Mom” driven and the goal is not to yell every night about picking up toys but to get them in the habit of playing and putting away their things as they go. At my house, the sustain piece has become easier over time, but I am always on the lookout for ways to rearrange our home based on what toys the kids play with and giving them the tools they need like bins and baskets.


5S Before organization


5S After














Our Metalwest 5S System journey is ever changing and evolving with our employees and processes. 5S is only a small step into a variety of techniques used to improve safety, organization, and productivity throughout our facilities. 5S provides the foundation on which other Lean methods can be executed.

When an organization (or household) has the discipline required to maintain a 5S environment, this will set you up for success when executing other Lean principles such as Process Mapping and Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) Events that are geared towards improving efficiencies. More to come on those topics in our next quality blog post.

Post by: Rachael Watanabe, quality systems engineer for Metalwest
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January 2020 Insight Guide: Market Indicators

The Economy

The U.S. economy has expanded for a record of 126 straight months as of December2019. Meaning, the U.S. has avoided a recession for an entire decade for the first time ever.

Economists say this is due to the U.S. coming from such a low point at the end of the last decade. Much of the expansion the past ten years was spend recovering from the Great Recession.

The U.S. job market ended 2019 with a disappointing 145,000 jobs added in December. The unemployment rate held steady at 3.5%.

Economic Indicators

The Architecture Billings Index scored at 51.9 in November 2019. This is the second month of modest growth for the industry.

The Purchasing Managers Index for December 2019 registered at 47.2%, a decrease of 0.9 points from the November reading of 48.1%. This is the lowest reading since June 2009.

The Steel Industry

U.S. steelmakers are hiking sheet prices effective immediately. Nucor Corp lead the hike on January 8 and was quickly followed by ArcelorMittal USA and NLMK USA. West Coast suppliers also followed suit with USS-Posco Industries and California Steel Industries also raising flat prices.

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