5 Benefits to Metal Roofing

Prepainted steel is becoming more and more common as an exterior building material. It is used in roofing and siding as well as window and door frames. While it is most commonly known for its durability, there is so much more to prepainted steel and why it is used for these architectural components. In this […]

Hot Rolled Steel: How it is Made

Have you ever wondered how different things are created? How a semi-truck is produced or what your water heater is made out of? If you are anything like me, this is a daily occurrence. The likely answer is that it started in a rolling steel mill in the form of a slab of unfinished metal and […]

Our Processes: Leveling / Cut-to-Length

Lately, we have discussed how many of our products are made and what they are used for. But we haven’t discussed how the coil from the mill becomes a swing set, an HVAC duct system, a food prep table, or a horse trailer. So, today we are going to talk about one of the many […]

Aluminum Tread: How it is Made

A couple months ago we took an in-depth look at how aluminum sheet and coil is made. We learned how it is mined, refined, smelted, and fabricated. But, mill-finished aluminum isn’t the only aluminum product we carry. We also process aluminum tread. While the initial production of aluminum tread is the same as the other […]

Electro-Galvanized Steel: What it is Used For

What Electro-Galvanized is Used For Electro-galvanized steel is obtained through an electrochemical process that involves the steel being submerged in a zinc bath. The end product is corrosion resistant, has excellent formability, paintability, and weldability, and is strong and durable. These features make electro-galvanized a high-quality product. But, what is it used for? Automotive Due […]

Electro-Galvanized Steel: How it is Made

Recently we discussed how galvanized steel is made. It is a very interesting process, at least I think so. How Electro-Galvanized Steel is Made Today, however, we are going to take a look at a different process application of zinc, electro-galvanization. In the galvanizing process the finish is obtained through a hot-dip or continuous galvanization […]

Aluminum: What it is Used For

Uses for Aluminum Aluminum is used for many applications. In this post we will discuss some of the more common industries we supply to; the first of which is the truck and trailer industry. Truck and Trailer The truck and trailer industry widely uses aluminum for the construction of trailer bodies. Livestock/horse trailers, sport trailers, […]

Aluminum: How it is Made

How Aluminum is Made Aluminum is used for a variety of applications from soda cans, to airplanes, signs, to automobiles. What you may not know is that your hot Maserati…Oh, you don’t drive a Maserati? Well, this is awkward. Anyway, what you may not know is that your [insert car brand here] basically started with […]

Galvanized Steel: What is it Used For

What Galvanized Steel is Used For Last month we discussed how galvanized steel is made. Now, I think it is time to talk about what it is used for. HVAC Galvanized steel is most commonly seen in HVAC equipment and ductwork. Although typically hidden behind ceilings and walls, many buildings are now embracing open ceilings […]

Galvanized Steel: How it is Made

Many people know what galvanized steel is. It is used for a wide variety of applications ranging from HVAC ductwork to gardening pails; household decorations to garbage cans. The spangle finish on the surface makes it visually appealing, but also makes it more durable and corrosion resistant. So, how is galvanized steel made? Where does […]