Beyond Metal: What it Means to Our Customers

Beyond Metal Part 2

Our customers are the focus of our business. Without you we would mindlessly process sheet metal to let it sit on the floor. It’s true, without you we simply wouldn’t exist.

It is because of you that we believe in going Beyond Metal in everything we do. By providing you with value-added services and customized solutions, we want to ensure you succeed.

In this conclusion to the two-part Beyond Metal series we will hear from you, our customers, on the meaning behind the tagline. So, we took to social media as well as had some of our sales reps find out just what our customers think Beyond Metal means.

In part one we posed the question to our employees and received some fantastic responses to what Beyond Metal means internally. But that doesn’t mean anything if we don’t include our customers.

So, again I posed the question, “What does Beyond Metal mean to you?”

The responses:

“It’s a deep-seated relationship with Metalwest,” the purchasing manager for a horse trailer manufacturer said. “In other words, it’s personal.”

“[Metalwest] always makes sure that we get our material when we need it,” a company in sheet metal fabrication shared. “We know we can always count on [them] to deliver.”

“Beyond Metal means exceptional service,” a branch manager for a residential HVAC distributor stated. “[Metalwest] provides us with great service and material.”

Each of these statements reflects what Metalwest stands for and it’s humbling to see  that these statements came from our customers and are personal to them.

We also had some of our customers describe Beyond Metal in one word. To accurately sum up what was said we have created a word cloud. The larger the word, the more it came up. As you can see “service” is the number one word that comes to mind when our customers think Beyond Metal.

Beyond Metal wordcloud

Do you agree with the results of our word cloud? Are there words you feel are missing? Let us know. After all, it’s not about steel.