Galvanized Steel: What is it Used For

What Galvanized Steel is Used For

Last month we discussed how galvanized steel is made. Now, I think it is time to talk about what it is used for.

Galvanized steel Ductwork

Christina Bajarano “Ductwork”


Galvanized steel is most commonly seen in HVAC equipment and ductwork. Although typically hidden behind ceilings and walls, many buildings are now embracing open ceilings and architecturally exposed ductwork. You may come across this in coffee shops, small restaurants, business buildings, and even in some contemporary homes.

The color of the exposed ductwork can vary as galvanized is easily paintable. Common colors include brown, black or white. I’ve even seen it in purple. However, it is also common to see the raw galvanized spangle.


Galvanized steel is also heavily used in construction. Due to its rust resistance and durability it can be used for roofing, siding, support beams, and railings. If you live in a region that experiences larger amounts of rain or snow throughout the year, it is likely your rain gutters are constructed from galvanized steel. This is because the metal is stronger and more durable than the vinyl used by other dry regions.

Skip swinging on galvanized steel playground

EvelynGiggles “Swinging” (altered)


Do you remember the days when you used to go to the park and swing on the swing set for hours? It is quite possible that your old favorite swing set, or even your new swing set-I don’t judge, is constructed from galvanized steel. This also includes jungle gyms, slides, and bicycle racks.

There are countless uses for galvanized steel. A couple of my personal favorites are galvanized wash tubs and whiskey barrels bound together with galvanized strips. It may sound odd that of all things those are my favorite galvanized products, but they are aesthetically pleasing in gardens. They also make handy drink buckets.

Other uses include garbage cans, lighting fixtures, buckets, automobile parts, household appliances, and home décor (I have a large galvanized “K” hanging on my wall).