Our Core Values: It’s Who We Are

Our Core Values: It's Who We Are

Values. They mean different things to different people. To us, they mean more than words on a placard in our lobbies. Our core values reflect our company, our employees, and our customers. As a company, our core values are the heart of everything we do. To our employees, value means contribution and commitment to our customers. To our customers, it could mean the usefulness of our products and services or the trust and loyalty of a company.

At Metalwest we have eight core values


Safe behavior is core to our culture.  We are committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our team.  We expect our team to be equally committed to working safely and looking out for one another.


Integrity is the foundation of who we are. We will never compromise our honesty and strong moral principles.


We are dedicated and committed to our team, customers, suppliers, and owners because good business is built on trusting relationships.


We are devoted to working together to accomplish common goals.  We each have the responsibility to support the objectives of the organization and our team.

Empowerment and Accountability

We create an environment where we are encouraged to take appropriate risk and are willing to accept responsibility for our actions and results.  Our success is the company’s success.

Devotion to Excellence

We are committed to excellence in everything we do to achieve our vision and mission.

Win-Win Relationships

We strive for mutually beneficial and satisfying solutions by treating customers, employees, and suppliers fairly and respectfully.


We believe life is too short, so we encourage all people to enjoy life and share laughter. Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn!

So, why did I share our core values with you? I think it is important to share the culture of a company with its customers. It’s important to show you who Metalwest is, not what. After all, “we’re not about steel, we’re about people.”