Our Processes: Precision Blanking

Part three of our processes series delves into the precision blanking process.

Precision blanking can be looked at as a step beyond the tradition cut-to-length and slitting processes. It is a method for sheet metal, including slit coil, to be cut to a smaller size and prepared for further fabrication by our customers.

OK, so what does that mean?

Well, let’s take a look.

Precision Blanking Process

precision blanking lineThe precision blanking process allows slit or smaller coils to be leveled and cut-to-length in narrower widths and closer tolerances than compared to shearing or the standard cut-to-length line. It basically makes the material easier and more efficient for our customers to use.

A blanking line functions similarly to a cut-to-length/leveling line. The slit, or narrow, coil is sent through a leveler to straighten the bend in the coil that occurs from it being coiled. It is then sent through a set of shears to cut the material. Blanking lines have side trim capabilities and can maintain specific cut-to-length accuracies.

The blanking technology used at Metalwest produces tight tolerances regardless of material length and speed. We can also process various thicknesses and grades as well as surface-critical material. For a complete list of our blanking services check out our capabilities page.

Precision Blanks

precision blanking line 2After a coil is sent through a blanking process it is now called a blank. Precision blanks are flat metal pieces that are ready to be fabricated. Further fabrication processes may include stamping, roll forming, punching, bending, etc.

We have the capability to produce custom blanks in a variety of aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel material. If the material you need is surface-critical, we can also provide protective packaging to ensure you receive a high-quality material. Just tell your local sales representative you want it!

Look for the next part of our processes series, where we will focus on polishing, in the coming months.