Value-Added Services

At Metalwest we understand that many of our customers can benefit from additional value-added services. We offer our customers additional services that shorten lead times and help reduce costs throughout the supply chain. Some of the services offered to customers include:

Metal West Metal Supplier

Just in time delivery (JIT), delivers your product frequently based on your needs in order to drive down your inventory costs.
Kanban replenishment, uses a pull-based replenishment system to ensure that you do not have the costs associated with inventory run-outs or excess inventory.
Prompt response turnaround time, Metalwest can ensure prompt response through next day delivery on custom jobs.
Forecasting, Metalwest can provide you with statistical forecasting using our forecasting software that models trends, seasonality, etc.
Warehousing, to cut down on manufacturing space needed, Metalwest can provide storage and management of customer-owned materials.
Supply chain visibility, allows Metalwest to provide you with greater visibility for critical materials and significantly decreases lead time.
Consumption data, let us analyze your metal purchase history to help you better plan for demand.
Supply chain management, we can design, execute, and manage a network of suppliers and logistics from the point of origin to your manufacturing process, allowing you to cut internal costs.
Distribution and logistics services, this includes warehousing, packaging, dispatch and freight services.

These are but a few of the solutions we offer as a metal supplier. Contact your local office to learn more about these value added services.