Galvalume® is a carbon steel that has been coated with aluminum-zinc alloy (55% aluminum, 45% zinc) after going through a continuous hot-dip process. Galvalume® is ideally suited for roofing and siding applications, also including cutters and pipes as well as automotive parts and appliances. It can be painted or used bare and has excellent corrosion resistance and a long-life span. It can also be readily formed and stamped.

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Processes Metal West

Metalwest Standard Sizes

22-26 gauge
42, 48

*Additional sizes & grades available upon request. Some products and services may vary by location.  

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Typical uses

Metal roofing, panels, siding, automotive parts, computer cases, gutters, pipes, appliances, etc.


Can be rollformed, formed, stamped, and painted.

*Galvalume®  is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc. and some of its licensed producers.