Hot Rolled Steel

ASTM A1011

CS & DS, Types A & B
SS Grades 30 – 70
HSLA Grades 50 – 70

ASTM A1018 

CS, Types A & B
HSLA Grades 50 – 70
SS Grades 30 – 65


Hot rolled steel is the most basic form of carbon steel product produced by the steel mill and is applied to applications where surface finish is not critical.

The process to create hot rolled steel begins with heating slabs of steel to a high temperature. When the hot material is transferred from the furnace it reacts with the oxygen in the air. The reaction forms a iron oxide scale. This scale can affect the overall surface quality of the hot rolled steel if left alone. To remove the scale the material is sent through a mill scale cleanse.

The product then goes through rolling mills to decrease it to the desired thickness.

Hot rolled steel coils are then shipped to service centers, like Metalwest, to process and distribute to our customers. However, hot rolled steel can be sent through other processes, including pickle and oiling, cold rolling, and many more to create other forms of steel.

Download our line cards to find out which of our locations process and stocks hot rolled steel. To learn more about how hot rolled steel is made visit the Beyond Metal Buzz.

Metal West Hot Rolled Steel

Metalwest Standard Sizes

ASTM A1011

7 gauge-16 gauge
48″-60″ wide

ASTM A1018 & A36

1″ – 1/4″
48″, 60″, 72″, 84″ wide

*Additional sizes & grades available upon request. Some products and services may vary by location.  

Typical uses for Hot Rolled Steel

Automotive, truck frames, automotive wheels, pipe and tubular, water heaters, agriculture equipment, strappings, stampings, compressor shells, railcar components, wheel rims, metal buildings, railroad-hopper cars, doors, shelving, discs, guard rails, pipe and tubular, automotive clutch plates


Hot Rolled Sheet is used for a wide range of applications, from simple bends to complex draws or structural applications that require a specific strength level.  The steel grade and processing technique of the metal are important in order to meet the customer requirements.