Continuous Mill Plate Metal WestContinuous mill plate (CMP) is stainless steel material that is hot rolled, annealed, and pickled (often referred to as HRAP). As it comes in coil form, it allows the service center to level and cut the material into the custom lengths required by the customer.

Benefits of Continuous Mill Plate (CMP)

CMP provides a product that can be cut into exact lengths specified by the customer. This reduces waste and increases yields.


The finish of CMP is a hot rolled No. 1 – a dull surface that results from the mill hot rolling to a specific thickness followed by annealing and pickling.


Typical grades of CMP are 304 and 304L

Product is certified to ASTM A-240 and ASTM A-480

CMP is a coil plate product that ranges in thicknesses from .1875” up to 1” and in widths up to 72”.

Target Markets

  • Tanks
  • Foodservice Equipment
  • Energy Sector
  • Petrochemical Equipment
  • Transportation Industry
  • Water Treatment Equipment
  • Architecture
  • Construction

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