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Spotlighting Careers: Maintenance Technician

At Metalwest, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality metal products and services. In order to do so, we must maintain a working environment that is safe, efficient, and enjoyable. Our maintenance technicians are responsible for much of this effect. If you have interest in working with your hands or tinkering with industrial equipment, this position may be right for you.Maintenance Technician

The Job: What Does a Maintenance Technician Do?

The maintenance technician is a critical part of any industrial team. Such technicians monitor the regular upkeep and repair of the equipment and machinery that is integral to the metalwork we do. This begins at installation and includes troubleshooting equipment issues throughout its lifetime, utilizing diagnostic testing equipment and experience to restore proper functionality with expediency. The work also includes installing new or required parts according to the specifications listed in the blueprints or manuals and even dismantling equipment and machines once their usefulness has been expended.

Thorough maintenance technicians have experience with everything from hydraulic systems to minor electrical work. They inspect, maintain, lubricate, repair, and operate every aspect of industry equipment. Small parts, including pulleys, gears, motors, shafts, and bearings fall within their notice, as do hand- and powered tools such as saws and chainsaws, torch tables, and welders. Larger machinery such as forklifts, cranes, and other gas and diesel equipment are also within a technician’s scope.

In addition to the equipment and machinery on the premises, technicians are also responsible for the building and grounds of the facility, monitoring them for safety, cleanliness, and order. They are part of the maintenance staff and behave accordingly, also using our maintenance management software system to assist with work order creation, parts look up, and preventative maintenance scheduling and execution.

In the management of both grounds and equipment, it is vital that technicians adhere to all protocols, manuals, blueprints, and schematic drawings. Doing so ensures adherence to quality guidelines as well as safety regulations. Every member of staff is responsible for both his or her safety as well as the safety of those around them. In addition to performing their jobs properly and safely, technicians should keep an eye out for unsafe working conditions and staff practices. These should be reported to the appropriate supervisor, and the technician should make onsite corrections as possible.Maintenance Technician

Technicians inspect equipment, buildings, and systems for any issues, scheduling and conducting necessary repairs for faulty equipment or damaged structures. This does much to maintain the safety of the working environment. Technicians should also protect themselves and set a good example by utilizing all correct protective equipment and by remaining alert and aware.

The currently available maintenance technician position is based out of Durant, Iowa. The schedule follows a 4-day, 10-hour pattern, comprising the third shift (8pm–6am) from Monday to Thursday each week. Some schedule flexibility in order to assist with projects may be required.


At Metalwest, we make sure our team members are well taken care of. We offer a complete new hire benefits package, including medical, life, vision, and dental insurance. We also pay 100% of our employees’ medical health care premium. Looking for a 401k with a company match? We’ve got you covered. We make paid time off available right away and recognize eight annual paid holidays. The hourly rate we offer ($22/hr) is competitive, and our employees have no shortage of opportunities for supplemental compensation:

  • Annual merit increases
  • Cross-training increases
  • Monthly production bonus
  • Perfect attendance incentives
  • Generous employee referral program

Joining Metalwest is a great place to start really forming a career. Our employees have many growth opportunities within the company, including the availability of a variety of locations across the country. The technician position specifically allows employees to stay active in an environment that is moderately-paced. We also value your safety, providing both prescription safety wear and an annual safety shoe allowance.Maintenance Technician

What We’re Looking For

At Metalwest, we are committed to creating a team environment that works hard to create high-quality results. Our top qualifications, therefore, have to do with the character of new hire candidates. We are looking for an individual who is motivated and friendly, ready to be a valuable member of our team. Ideally, this candidate works well as a member of a group while still being a self-starter, able to perform the work necessary without any external nudging.

We are looking for someone who is detail-oriented. The work of a maintenance technician is nuanced, and in order to identify minute issues and correct them, the technician must have an eye for detail. Devotion to a task and the dedication to see it through with integrity is a must. 

In addition to the aforementioned character traits, familiarity and experience with the kind of work required is key. A year or more of industrial maintenance experience is required, and related computer skills and experience as an industrial electrician or with industrial equipment are highly desirable. Additionally, we prefer that the candidate have an associate degree or better in relevant fields such as Mechanical or Electronics Technology.

It is important that our new hire be physically and cognitively capable of performing the work required. The job requires physical dexterity, particularly in the fingers and hands, and often requires standing for extended periods of time. Good problem-solving skills are an invaluable resource in a technician’s work, as is a working knowledge of tools, machinery, and equipment. A valid driver’s license is required, but a COVID-19 vaccination is not.

To apply for Metalwest’s maintenance technician position, visit the job posting. Maintenance Technician

About Metalwest

Metalwest is an industry standard in the realms of metal fabrication and processing. Having recently joined the Norfolk Iron & Metal conglomerate, Metalwest continues to evolve to better serve its national clientele. From our eight locations across the United States, we provide high-quality non-ferrous and carbon flat-rolled metal products. These include sheet and coil materials that are hot or cold rolled, galvanized, or stainless. 

We know that our customers’ metal needs are diverse and extensive, so we also provide painting, polishing, and coating material services in addition to treatments such as blanking, slitting, shearing, leveling, and polishing. The Metalwest vision continues to grow, innovating and evolving to meet growing metal processing demands. If you want to be a part of that vision, apply for our maintenance technician position today.

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