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Trailer Observation Cameras: Employee Safety Series

At Metalwest, safety is one of our top priorities. We are constantly making improvements to our everyday tasks to make sure our employees return home safely to their families each and every day.

One of the improvements we are currently working on is equipping our trucks with trailer observation cameras to help increase driver visibility.

Trailer Observation Cameras

trailer observation camerasAt Metalwest, we are currently placing trailer observation cameras into each of our truck trailers that is equipped with Conestoga systems. A Conestoga is a sliding tarp system that transforms a flatbed into a covered trailer. Adding cameras to the Conestoga system gives the driver visibility of the product he/she is hauling. During transit, it is a possibility for material to shift if it is not properly secure.

Unfortunately, in our industry accidents can and do happen. It is our top priority to prevent them from happening. However, steel products are heavy and sharp. If a skid of sheet or a large coil came loose during transit it could slide off the truck entirely, putting other drivers in danger. It could also slide just enough to put the individual who later unloads the truck in danger.

We recently started using Conestoga trailer covers to help ensure the quality of our material, but that also created a loss of visibility for our drivers. With these observation systems, our drivers can take advantage of all of the benefits that tarp systems provide, while knowing exactly what is going on with the product they are transporting at all times.

It is our hope that these cameras will allow our drivers to prevent any accidents before they happen. After all, we are not just about the steel. It is one more way we go Beyond Metal.

David Suchey, corporate safety manager, contributed to this article.